Welcome to Casa Bianca
- the perfect place for a relaxing vacation in Lunigia, northern toscanian countryside!

Lunigia arrea gives you mountain views as well as little villages with ancient casttles - not to forget the famous golden beaches of Versilia and the marbor mines nearby.

Casa Bianca is on of the old wine yards of the area. It was built in 1665 and has gone through various changes along the way. Now, as a start of a new era, it's been modified to a bed and breakfast - venture.

Casa Bianca is located in a hill between the villages of monzone, Colognola and Gragnola. From the hill opens a view to the villages, the wine and olive gardens and to the Apennines.

From a railway station (2 kilometer's away from Monzone) leaves a train for example to the town of Aulla - a nice place to do a little shopping. In Aulla there also is a marketplace every Saturday.

By train it's also possible to travel through Lucca to the town of Pisa and it's famous tower.

We hope you'll enjoy your vacation with us!

Sari & Vesa